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On the way to one of the more remote areas in Nepal, Bhadgaon in the Sindhupalchock region we zip along on motorbikes with a truck following us with food, medical and hygene supplies, taking care not to hit the cracks and dips in the roads as a result of the earthquake.

Recently cleared of rubble and earth after a landslide

Damaged bridge

We arrive in the main district and found some shade while we waited for the truck to catch up

Once the truck arrived local volunteers gathered and we loaded up with more goods to distribute along the way

Arriving after a near two hour bumpy ride up the windy narrow roads we reached Bhadgaon. The sun was setting as a trail of people who had come from several small areas followed us to the drop off point. Several places in this area are in more urgent need of assitance. 40 homes have been destroyed or seriously damaged from landslides and monsoon season is only a few short weeks away.

The long walk back.

After delivering some relief goods some of the recipients make their way back over the top of the hills to their village on the other side.

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